High Blood Pressure

Higher-than-normal blood pressure, often known as hypertension, is characterized by daily activities changing the blood pressure throughout the day. A diagnosis of high blood pressure may be made if blood pressure readings are frequently higher than usual (or hypertension).

The blood vessels may suffer serious harm if blood pressure is excessively high for an extended period.

This could result in several issues, some of which could be fatal, like heart failure, vision loss, stroke, or renal illness.

There are methods for controlling hypertension or high blood pressure. Although the illness rarely manifests symptoms, routine screening can help a person determine whether preventive steps are required.

Due to the lack of symptoms associated with high blood pressure, your healthcare professional will need to check your blood pressure with a blood pressure cuff. Providers usually check your blood pressure at every annual checkup or appointment. If you have high blood pressure readings at two appointments or more, your provider may tell you that you have high blood pressure.

We hope the information we’ve mentioned is helpful and can remind you to go to your regular check-up.

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